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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Menopause Summit 2009

"Free teleseminar series with the best and brightest experts in menopause, middle-age and transitioning life in positive ways! Starting in October, hold on to your hot flash, we're going to have some fun!
The Menopause Summit 2009 will present exciting speakers, teachers and mentors who may help you gain great insight, tips and guidance in making this the best time of your life!
We have a great opportunity in menopause. Thoughts affect our hormones and our hormones change drastically when we begin the menopause journey. Our emotions are the guidance we need to grow, change and become centered, healthy and whole. The emotions that feel good are guiding us toward health, peace and connection with Spirit, while the emotions that feel bad are getting our attention in order for us to change either our perceptions or our behaviors."


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The new Crooked Creek

Here is a photo of the creek at the new property. After a good bit of rain, the creek was nice and full. We sat by the creek while we ate our lunch and it sounds so beautiful. We've been working hard to make an area for the old RV to arrive and next will be the outdoor kitchen. We found replacement BBQ grates on clearance and there are plenty of rocks on the property to build with.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Revenge of the chigger king & the new homestead

I spent a few days with my family in Galveston this summer. My niece and I were at the beach together at sunset and she made this beautiful drawing for me.

My last post was brought to the attention of the Chigger King. He was very displeased by such disregard - claiming that with casual effort, I could thwart his teaming army. Looking for property hours and hours from home didn't lend itself to a shower within 4 hours of being outside. So I was attacked over and over, it was bad. When out picking herbs here at the house I really got sick of showering after coming in, so many days I'd convince myself that it wasn't necessary. I was wrong. I did find that a dry rag or bandanna for a dry scrub helped a lot. Then I found out about Sulfur Powder.