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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Portable Petroglyphs

My friend Steve is a wonderful artist/ teacher and is the type that reaches out, ready to help people as a mentor with his years of knowledge of natural things. That's why I wanted to share his fantastic artwork with you. Here is some information on his hand made pendants that I am proud to wear. Pendants range from $30.00 t0 $50.00 depending on what kind of stone it is and the complexity of the design. They are mailed in a flate rate envelope.

Steve Lee's Portable Petroglyphs.
All of my stone pendants are hand crafted without the use of power tools using either local river stones or various types of soft carvable stones such as catlinite, soapstone, wonderstone etc. I create the designs on the majority of my pieces using a combination of engraving and micro-pecking which provides a contrast of depth, tone and texture allowing the design to stand out. I'm always pleased when my pieces find a home with someone who will appreciate them, both for their beauty and the many hours of skill and labor which goes into the crafting. Thanks.
Shalama, Aloha

If you would like to inquire about one of his pendants, email him:

Link to "homeless" pendants: