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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Trenches are partially dug

The building process is slow, but we are working hard every day. It's hot out, so we put 4 posts outside of the RV and strung up a tarp to cover it like a big circus tent. It's not as easy to string a big tarp over an RV as you would think. It makes it livable though and about 15 degrees cooler. The tarp is stretching out and we don't know how long it will last. Sometimes when it's really hot we run errands, go to the creek or to my mother-in-law's (Judy) house about 6 miles away. Otherwise we try to work in the shade. Judy's house is on top of a beautiful hill here in the Ozarks, big shade trees and a good breeze most of the time. She keeps us in cold fruit and it's a nice place to hang clothes! Judy is taking good care of us and it is so much easier with 3 people than with 2. We have help with almost everything we do and she always looks out for ways to help the most. She has stacked and sorted all the wood I use and today she worked on preparing the area for the cistern and root cellar. Did I mention she's 72?!