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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Eat your carrots

It's hard to make out in the photo, but this is the old logging road.

These last few days have been the first time we've been to Falcon since it's warmed up. I was glad to get down there, to be in the country air and think about my grandparents when they would go to their land every summer and we'd go to play. After working most of the day, I'd stand looking up at the trees and try to figure out the best place to put everything. I've been staring at the house drawings for so long now I can really see it in my head. This was the first time I've been able to see where everything can fit without taking out trees of size in most cases. The house site itself will loose just a few trees, but it's the spot with the least amount of trees, the medium sized ones are good and straight and can be used in building, and most of the growth is new. The land was logged some years ago and we're trying to use the spots that they hit the most. The places for the RV's, shed, herb garden, and main garden will loose no trees other than saplings. The driveway is an old logging road and as it continues past where we'll build the house, that will be the little yard for Rufus the pig. From Judy's bedroom window there will be a huge Sycamore and Juniper tree.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My sweet Grandfather, the Music Man

Maurice "Tim" Tyler
1921 - 2010

My grandfather died March 9, 2010. He was the strength and heart of our family. There is more to say about him than I could possibly put here and one day I will try. I still am not quite ready to get back on the computer too much. My mother had these lyrics printed and displayed at the service, they say it all. He taught us the love of music, how to dance and how important family is.