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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Link to USDA bulletin Surface Bonding

The link to the "Construction with Surface Bonding" link is broken on the USDA page. I contacted them and they said they would fix. Meanwhile, they provided a link that works:


With dial up I had trouble downloading this document, so she also emailed it to me as a PDF. If anyone else has this problem, email me and I will forward the PDF to you.


Michelle said...

I came across your blog on my google alerts. I also plan to build an earth bermed (not completely sheltered) home in my future. I haven't read through your entire blog but I see you are going with dry stack. I don't know if you have been on countryplans.com but in their forum there are a few dry stack, earth bermed projects. I will continue to follow your blog :)

Ja-Co said...

Thanks for the heads up Michelle about countryplans.com We have the design hammered out (well except for the roof)but I'd like to see others that are doing dry stack with earth berm!

When do you start on your project and what state do you live in?