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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A double rainbow

We've been working at the big garden from early in the morning till it gets too hot. There is almost no shade near the garden and none in the garden. Then we go home and work on the small garden here at the house or on inside projects that need to be done (like baking bread and washing laundry). One of my projects during the day today was to put some of the smaller herbs into to clay pots and I also planted some seeds for an inside container garden. All the other herbs are in the garden, but these were smaller and leggier. Plus I thought it'd be nice to have some in the house. When the sun starts to sink, we head over to Crooked Creek for the 2nd shift and work till it gets too dark. The 2nd shift was truly paradise tonight. In the morning it's hot and the flies swarm; but in the evening, it's invigorating! Tonight the clouds reflected all possible evening colors and rolled like smoke in the swift winds.

We decided to use some of the truck load of chain link fencing we picked up for $50, to slow the rabbits and neighbors dog down. All the fence posts went up yesterday (they came with the truck load of fencing) and 3/4 of the fencing is now attached. It would have been done tonight, but I left the fencing wire in the truck and we took the car so the dogs could come. We used scraps of fencing wire till we ran out. I took rocks out, mounded a 60 foot bed and put in all of the potatoes. In the last few days we've marked out all the beds and pathways.

I couldn't find a hand tiller or plow, so we had our neighbor run his tiller over it and I used a hoe to make the beds and pull out rocks. I really wanted to do the no-till method, but it's just not possible this time, everything is already too late. Since this garden is an after thought due to loosing my job, we've had to make some compromises. There are so many rocks it's amazing. All the small ones stay and the big ones come out. Our rock piles continue to grow. They are on the same hill where the house is going to be built, so they will be used either as a rubble trench foundation or in slip form poured walls or 100 other projects I haven't dreamed up yet.

As a side note, I ordered my Scythe yesterday!

The sky was really too ominous for us to continue working tonight and it was already 8:45. I swear I felt a charge through my right heel from the ground, like a spark and jumped "OOoo!!". The next county had an earlier storm warning; but we hadn't seen the news in hours and didn't know what the weather was doing. It started to rain so we loaded everyone up and were about to start out. Then, as we were at the top of the hill in front of the garden, the rain stopped and a full arch, double rainbow appeared right as the sun was setting. It was so huge, I couldn't get the whole thing into one picture. What an amazing scene.

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