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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sorry, more snow photos

Sorry to post more snow pictures, I've just never seen this much snow. For perspective here is my dog Barney, though he is short and the swing set out back. The snow is level with the lowest swing and just goes forever in every direction. Notice the 3 colors of old paint on the swing seats! The creek looks like a dent in the landscape. The bent fence photo is the small raised bed garden. It looks like a snowy cemetery and some of the beds can't even be distinguished. The fence was just temporary chicken wire to keep Rufus out (he doesn't challenge fencing) and wasn't really attached to the posts in many places.

I've been going through everything we own and making more cuts. Our small seed room is about 1/2 full, I hope it all fits in the car. Every move I seem to sell or donate a huge amount, so how did I still have so much to give away this time? I guess I bought some winter clothes from resale shops here, my favorite being Thrify Shopper in Cortland. We probably go every time we are there. We don't always buy something, but we have stuff we are always keeping our eye out for and sometimes we just find it there. I was watching the morning news the other day and they had some guest on talking about thrift store shopping, they had 2 kids up there that looked great. There are a lot of people out there who have known about the great stuff that others throw away for years. If you are patient and keep a wish list with you all the time, eventually you will probably find most of what you are looking for in a resale shop. Good quality and sometimes old made in the U.S. stuff. Sure there is a lot of junk and a billion yellow shirts; but we've found most, if not all, of our furniture and clothes through resale shops and I think it all looks pretty good.

For anyone with the password to my photos link (look in the right margin), I've uploaded more pictures.

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