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Monday, November 30, 2009

Dandelion woodstove enchiladas

This is a delicious way to eat dandelion greens. Pick the dandelion greens, wash and blanch for 5 minutes then discard the water.

Sautee peppers, onion, and garlic in olive oil. Add greens and a little broth and cook 5 more minutes or until most of the liquid is gone.

Grate about 2 cups of pepper jack cheese or whatever cheese strikes your fancy.

Soften corn tortillas on a dry skillet for about 10 seconds on one side and 8 seconds on the other.

Put home made or store bought enchilada sauce in the bottom of a dutch oven cast iron pot. Make sure the bottom is completely covered, be generous. Lay 2 corn tortillas in the bottom of the dutch oven on top of the sauce. They will over lap in the middle and they will not completely cover the bottom of the pot on the sides.

Layer with dandelion mixture, cheese and more tortillas until you are out of ingredients. I'm typically out after about 3 1/2 to 4 inches high. Put a layer of cheese on last. Put the lid on.

Place on the top of your wood heat stove. The top of our woodstove is flat cast iron. There is no precise cooking time for the woodstove and things will not burn within minutes like a traditional stove. After about an hour I check to see if it's bubbly. I typically will leave it on for longer than that but after several hours, the bottom layer will get hard. It's delicious!

1 comment:

Marqueta said...

Dear Jamie,

I followed your comment on my blog, to here, and realized it was YOU! I'm pretty quick, eh?

Your dandelion enchiladas really do sound wonderful, right now. I'm thankful for the snow, but greens would be really nice right now!