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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Farm Match

I found out about a cool new website matching farmers to consumers.  I'd love to write a personal heartfelt blog post about it and the importance of buying local farm fresh foods, but I just don't have time right now.  I still want to tell everyone about how awesome it is, so I just stole the press release.  Please forgive this lazy post!

No matter where you live, work or travel in the world, food entrepreneur, Max Kane wants to help you eat local. His brainchild, FarmMatch.com, is a free, easy to use, map-based, food search and food matching site which launched September 11, 2012. Within 30 days of going live, the website quickly exploded into dozens of countries and now hosts thousands of users on six different continents.
FarmMatch.com was co-designed by Kane's partner, David King and his development team at Amagisoft, a Chicago based software design firm.

Celebrated farmer, Joel Salatin reviews the site, "A hurried, harried populace disconnected from food needs network facilitators and I haven't seen anything more comprehensive for accomplishing this than Max Kane's FarmMatch!" Salatin is joined by other local food proponents, farmers Sally Fallon Morell and Mark McAfee in endorsing FarmMatch.com.

"We are doing what has never been done before," says Kane, "everything on the internet offers food discovery and then stops. FarmMatch.com is a quad discovery system offering food, market, community, and voice discovery, all necessary to build community around food. The market discovery for farmers alone is priceless."

The FarmMatch.com homepage features a large map. When you first visit the site, a map of your local area is automatically displayed. You briefly fill out your food profile of what you want to eat, or foods you have for sale. Instantly, the system filters all possible matches based on your preferences.
Restaurants that serve local foods can also put themselves on the FarmMatch.com map to find sources and attract new clientele. And, for those finicky foodies, FarmMatch.com even allows users to state preferences for organic products and unprocessed foods.

The site contains a map of every country in the world. The map shows where the closest farms, farmers markets, food buying co-ops, restaurants and even other consumers are located. The site also offers farmers the ability to view consumers’ food profiles including the produce, dairy and meats they are interested in buying. This market research tool gives farmers the ability to better gauge the demand for upcoming harvests. Consumers can even match up and connect with other consumers in their own community who eat just like they do. All profiles have adjustable privacy settings to meet the user's needs. Anonymous visitors of the site may also view the map and utilize search and filter functionality without an established profile.

FarmMatch.com is a Chicago, Illinois based firm dedicated to promoting local farm fresh foods. Visit FarmMatch.com to put yourself on the map for local food.


Shaman Ziggy said...

Hey just trying to get a contact on Max Kane and farm match would you know how to contact him, I see nothing on the web site, thanks Ziggy Rays of Light Community Grow Center, Black Mountain NC

Jamie J said...

No I'm sorry. I only found out about them when they called me on the phone. So I checked out the site and liked it. Sorry you are having difficulty. Here's an idea though, try through Kimberly Hartke, their publicist I think or she works with them somehow. She has a youtube page, and a website: