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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Update on burdock

I'm playing with these burdock vinegar wraps. Burdock poultice is good for poison ivy, like I said, but I didn't have any around. All I had were the wraps. When I applied the vinegar wraps the the older poison ivy on my arm, it felt great.

I have new patches coming up though and I wrapped them for a long time with the burdock leaves. The new poison ivy was irritated by that. Not too much, but enough I won't do that again. So I went to the creek and chewed up a bunch of violet leaves to put on there and we're back to normal again. Well normal for someone with poison ivy.

I hate to say it, but it's "good" that I'm getting poison ivy. I had it for so many years and had to use steroids and other prescription and over the counter remedies. With that experience I'm learning better what works and what doesn't on which phase of the poison ivy.

Ooooo Rose tea with rose honey, thank you for cooling me down in this heat. It sort of takes that core of hotness at the breastplate away. Even though I'm still hot, my core isn't drained like it normally is in this sort of heat. I'll be publishing my rose recipes soon.

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