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Friday, May 16, 2008

There is a light, cool rain tonight tapping on the metal roof. There are 3 corners of the house that weren't finished off properly when the new roof was put on and we had 3 bird families chirping away today. It is the most incredible sound, you can pick out the parent and the babies. It echoes through the giant beams and spaces hidden just under the sheet rock of the ceiling.

There are now 8 out of 11 apple grafts that have taken. I just feel so excited as their leaf buds get bigger every day. I know one day they will provide delicious apples for all who are there for many years to come.

I found out there is a momma duck sitting on a clutch of eggs in the stream at Crooked Creek. She is hidden inside of a giant, twisted ancient looking bush that is along the bank. I already knew rabbits and birds lived there, I wonder who else calls this protective spot home? I would love for ducks to live near the garden and eat bugs.

It is truly Spring!

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