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Saturday, May 31, 2008


After getting more information today, I learned that there were closer to 26 people left. That's still a lot of people though and most of my friends that worked there were included. I also heard that some of the suits were kind to the ones they had to let go. What a hard job that must be.

We had a great day working outside today and making home made cottage cheese. I want to track some of my friends down tonight, so more later.


Kendall said...

Oh my goodness! I'm speechless! I was away from all blogs for a few days, and your whole life changed. At first I was horrified for you, and then I was thrilled. Mostly I'm just stunned. Life can change like that. But it leaves your head spinning, doesn't it? Takes a while to absorb the full impact. I certainly hope that the result will be greater freedom and self-determination for you. More of doing what you want most to be doing. More joy. And enough money to get by. I'm cheering for you.

Ja-Co said...

I'm still kind of in shock I guess. I finally got the unemployment tasks done. Worked hard on the gardens today too. I'm also amazed at how fast things can change.